Reduce Anxiety in Minutes with these 7 LIFE-CHANGING Tips!
The More You Use Them, the Quicker Anxiety Becomes a Thing of the Past! 
What would your life be like if you never suffered from anxiety again?
Hi, I'm Liberty Forrest. I am an award-winning author, speaker, master meditation and mindfulness instructor and certified hypnotist.
I spent decades overcoming obstacles and transforming my life, and I have been blessed with sacred gifts and knowledge that can help you transform yours, too.

I am an expert in teaching people how to reduce or eliminate anxiety and stress. My compassionate, heart-centred guidance can help you to get unstuck and moving forward.

I know the gnawing fear that eats at your guts. The unprovoked panic that comes out of nowhere. The racing heart that feels as though it will explode.

And I know those terrifying, tormenting "what if" thoughts. The ones that crank anxiety into overdrive, out of control. And now you’re in full-blown panic.

I started having panic attacks at 8 or 9 years old. I grew up in a fearful, toxic environment. I never felt safe. I was always waiting for the next attack or violation.

Desperate for peace and security, I left home at 16. But with a toxic foundation, I was ill-prepared for life. By the time I was 19, I had several anxiety disorders. And I was a divorced single parent.

I had frequent panic attacks, OCD, anorexia and agoraphobia. Then I developed an addiction to deal with all that anxiety. I lived like that for several years. Hopeless about my situation, I battled depression, too.

The longer I lived with anxiety, the worse my health became. And vice versa.

I was desperate, trapped in a hopeless, vicious cycle. My despair was unending. At times, I just wanted to die. It seemed the only way my suffering would stop. 

AND then one day, I learned a SECRET. A secret that started me down a path of HOPE — and HEALING. A secret that led to others, all of which changed my life.

I Will Help You "Kill The Anxiety Beast" And I Am Going To Give You Much More...
Learn 7 Quick Tips to stop anxiety in its tracks!
It's time to kick anxiety to the curb....
 I know you’re struggling and you feel like it’ll never end.

 I’ve been there.

 I was blessed with sacred gifts and knowledge that helped me and I can help you, too. 

I’m compelled to share these useful tools through audio resources, books, and much more. 
 Reduce Anxiety in Minutes with these 7 LIFE-CHANGING Tips!
The More You Use Them, the Quicker it Becomes a Thing of the Past! 
I've spent decades working with people on so many issues, and I'd love to help you, too.
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